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I once read a quote that said it is impossible to watch a sunset and not fall into a dream. But I’ve been dreaming for so long now that I can’t tell if it’s the beauty of the sunset before me, or a little arrow that Cupid shot into my chest that makes me conjure up these images of you.

I’m sitting alone on the shoreline, basking in the final rays of evening light reflecting off an ocean so calm its surface has turned to glass. The air is so still that I can taste the ocean on my tongue and hear my own thoughts passing through my head. I don’t know what you’re doing right now, if you feel what I feel, or if I’ll ever find the courage to tell you this in person. I just know that you are miles away from where I am; two hundred and forty-six to be exact. So, as I watch the sun slowly sink beneath the water’s edge, surrendering the sky to the moon and the night, I utter a silent prayer that when the time comes for me to cross my own horizon, I find you waiting on the other side.

I wriggle my toes beneath the sand and imagine the warmth of your body pressed hard against mine. I want to kiss the places where an artist’s needle has left tattoos buried beneath your skin, or hold you down and blow raspberries against your hips until your stomach cramps from laughter. I want to know how it feels to lay beside you as you’re wrapped up in fresh white sheets; I long to press my lips between your shoulder blades while your chest rises and falls with heavy sleep. I want to run my fingers through your hair in a moment of passion, and be the name you utter through breathless lips as we kiss.

I close my eyes as the sun takes its final bow and slips beneath the skyline. When I open them again, the warmth in the air has faded away and night has descended around me. The moon casts a pale yellow light down on my motionless body, as if it knows that you’re always on my mind. I’m not sure how you did it; how you found a way to bury yourself beneath my skin. But now I’m sitting here watching the endless blue ocean turn into an inky black abyss, telling myself that I would risk swimming towards the horizon if I knew it would bring me closer to you.


I picture myself swimming hard towards the distance, my body breathless and fatigued. I imagine a storm raging overhead, turning the water’s glassy surface into a sea of violent waves that crash down upon my battered frame. My life has never been smooth sailing, nor should it have ever been. The rough waters that I have endured have made me stronger, more confident, and more certain when I say that I once I have swum across the horizon and dragged my weary body onto the shore, I hope to feel your waiting arms wrap around me, and know that I’m forever yours.

I want to hold you tight when you’re hurting, and tell you that I’m proud when you achieve your wildest dreams. I want to carry you to your bedroom when you’re exhausted, you’ve partied too hard, or in those moments when we are consumed with insatiable desire and lust. I want to explore the contours of your body and trace the curves of your hips with the palms of my hands, kissing my way along your calves and up the back of your thighs until goosebumps cover your skin.

I long to feel your heart racing in the throes of passion as your fingers interlock tightly with mine. I yearn to feel your breath against my neck and your teeth against my skin when your body trembles at my touch. If I could just spend my time with you, I would run my hand across the soft skin of your cheek and let our eyes meet as I whisper that no horizon could ever keep us apart. I would swim through waters to find you, no matter how dark, how eerie, or deep.

But I’m not with you in your bed right now. I’m still sitting alone on a beach that has been swallowed up by the hollowness of night. I’m no longer sure if I am dreaming, or if your name has been carved into the chambers of my soul. But I do know that I want you, and that when I find the strength to cross my horizon, I pray that you’re waiting on the shoreline to throw your arms around me.

I know that I would do the same for you. If I ever saw you swimming, I’d be there to watch you take your final stroke before I pulled you from the waters and into a tight embrace. I would tell you that I love you, that I need you, and that you’ve crossed the horizon and found a man who will ensure you never need to swim through such treacherous waters again.

54 thoughts on “Horizons

  1. This is incredibly beautiful. My heart goes to you. I feel your longing, your hope. May you one day (soon) have what your heart desires.

  2. Mintly says:

    Beautiful written 🙂 enjoyed every single line.

  3. Miriam says:

    Oh, so heartfelt, so beautiful, so much longing in every word. I loved this and hope that one day you find the love you write about here. 💖

  4. inesbeatrice says:

    This is a lovely piece. I always love reading your work and feeling the longing and desire it expresses.

  5. Sounds like your narrator is longing for a love he can’t have anymore, and, it would be bad, if he keeps at it, because, eventually, the reality will hit hard!

  6. A beautiful evocative piece of writing. I very much enjoyed slipping into these familiar feelings and wearing them again, the heaviness of heart when one remembers such butterfly light memories

  7. Sitting in the office and I just had a chat with a buddy about love. Then few minutes later I bump into this article. Am getting all cheesy and having that hopeful smile. A masterpiece I must say.

  8. jossyjo says:

    breathtaking as usual. i love reading your piece . i love imagining it was directed at me.

  9. I completely agree! Sunset, esp. sunrise, they make me fall into a dream I wanted to chase even if it’s just a fantasy…

  10. Stunningly beautiful! Follow your dream, find that girl and tell her.

  11. Solitaire says:

    Great post! I fall in love with Sunrises …

  12. Michelle Kam says:

    Your writing always leaves me speechless. It gives me the feels. Very beautiful. ❤

  13. Lickitrightnow says:


    The visual can be so vivid in the imagination it can leave you breathless and aching.

  14. L. Rorschach says:

    So beautiful, so romantic. ❤ Oh how I would love for someone to feel this way about me. Isn't this what we all dream about??

  15. Phil Huston says:

    Da doot doot dooo dooo…da doot doot dooo doo…Somewhere, beyond the sea, Somewhere waiting for me…My lover stands on golden sa-ands…And watches the ships that go sailing…

    Nobody does it Bobby, but kick back, have a dream, and believe. It’s as simple as that.

  16. Regina says:

    This is incredibly beautiful. I couldn’t help but let the tears flow.

  17. Jennie says:

    So very lovely!

  18. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Breathtakingly stunning, as I am sure the woman is that you love. Don’t stop trying to find her – ever. Tell her, she needs to hear it, and most likely wishes to hear it. Love is profound and so is what you feel. 😊

  19. hishorizon says:

    Beautifully expressed!

  20. Kayla Marcia says:

    I’m breathless! This was absolutely beautiful. I can relate to this so much. Long distance love is a killer, and you could really feel the emotion in every word. Absolutely loved it, instant follow! 🙂

  21. I absolutely love your writing its like I was right there watching this beautiful story of longing and passion for someone👀 I was defiantly hanging on to every word! loved it!!!!

  22. themuddledlass says:

    This is a beautiful piece of writing. I needed permission for writing another post inspired from this one. I will give you Credits and I’ll link this post too. It’s not going to be the same however, it is inspired from this. If you can, please reply within 1 week. This is beautiful. Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind words. You’re more than welcome to use my work any way that you see fit. There’s no need to give credits, I post to share a piece of myself with the world, and simply having you read this is enough

      1. themuddledlass says:

        Thank you so much! Honestly, I want to give Credits- that’s the least this beautiful post deserves! Anyway thanks again, have a nice day 🥀

        Lass X.

  23. A lot of emotions expressed so beautifully. Sunset and the sea can do that to you.

  24. Linda Music says:

    I held my breath reading this. It is beyond beautiful. I have no words to describe the emotions your writing evoked. Did I mention it was beautiful?

  25. Chris, Thank you for visiting my blog and reading a post. I am very new at this (one week today!) I still don’t even know how to put photos on my blog! So I appreciate how beautiful your site is –as well as your writing. I agree with the comments above you are a beautiful writer. Your images of the sky and swimming are very evocative and FRESH! Good for you. I will enjoy following your blog–and I will look for your book. Best, Linda

  26. Chris, you were kind enough to read my blog post today “What the World Needs Now” on and naturally I wanted to check out your blog. I must say that Horizons took my breath away — exquisitely written with a depth of soul that is rare. Horizons awakened in me memories so strong that they felt fresh — you see, I once had a love that felt just like what you painted with words. My beloved husband died 15 years ago at age 57. Thanks to your beautiful post, I relived some of the warmest, deepest reminders of an extraordinary love. You have a gift my friend! Keep sharing!

    1. cadencerage says:

      Yes, I felt the same way. It takes extraordinary talent to evoke such a reaction in perfect strangers. I’m very sorry for your loss.

  27. Beutifully written! Stunning imagery!

  28. cadencerage says:

    This broke my heart. Thank you for sharing ❤

  29. Antti says:

    Great writing! Beautiful.

  30. shidensenn says:

    hey, just wanted to share that this was such a great read. i loved everything and how well it was put together, not shy to say that is exactly how i feel about someone myself. its a shock to see someone put something so true and heart breaking into words. well done! there’s more i want to say but im pressed for time, thank you though i will be rereading this for days to come, and hopefully show it to the person it means most to. its a beautiful way of writing pure emotion and simply getting your devotion and love across is sometimes hard. well done!

  31. olivera77 says:

    Wishing you all the very best ! Do not let go of what you have found. Love should always come first. It is the force that will drive you in the right direction.

  32. Michal Mac says:

    This made me cry in the middle of my class…thank you so much.

  33. on the level says:


  34. heyash says:

    this is so lovely, feels like my heart just melt 💖

  35. Being Dave says:

    Your words are truly beautiful and deserve heap of praise. Hence, I nominate you for Blogger Recognition Award:-

  36. Sushma says:

    This is beyond beautiful. Straight from your heart ❤

  37. Anand Bose says:

    Beautiful narrative. Anand Bose from Kerala

  38. madcorn says:

    Even though I I didn’t experience that longing but I feel you. It’s because you write through your heart. Keep inspiring others! 🙂

  39. That’s so beautiful, sweet and romantic! Sunsets and sunrises just makes you lost somewhere into a deep different world. Loved your piece of writing! ❤️

  40. Ananya Ray says:

    Beautiful simply put. Earnest, honest, heartfelt. I wish one day to find someone who feels about me the way the author feels about the girl…
    Something to aim for.. you have raised the bar.

  41. Starkite Poetry says:

    Ran across this one somehow and am thankful for its perfect timing in inspiring me to take the next step in my own writing which has been brewing inside but has not yet overflowed onto the pages.

  42. drniqz says:

    The spectrum of words😍.. Flawless

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