You once told me that every single man, woman, and child lives in their own unique version of reality. You said that the way in which we interpret the world around us creates a realism that is uniquely ours. It cannot be replicated, nor shared. These idiosyncrasies of the heart and mind shape our thoughts and feelings, defining who we are. I cannot see the world through the eyes of another. I can never witness the beauty of an unfurling rose, or observe the elegance of a constellation of stars as they do. I cannot feel what they feel, love what they love, or loathe the things that they have learned to despise.

Nor would I ever want to.

For in my reality you are beautiful, and you are perfect. In my reality I could never imagine loving anyone like I love you. I have tried so many times to immortalize you in my words, spending hours trying to capture your beauty through prose. I have laboriously crafted allegories and odes written just for you, but nothing I do ever seems good enough.  How could I ever do you justice? How could the words of a man ever encapsulate your magnificence and splendor? Every time I try to write for you I conjure images of unrestrained inhibitions and lust. But my love for you runs so much deeper than flesh.

My love for you is a love of beauty; the affliction of philocaly.

I place my hand upon your cheek and feel myself becoming lost in your eyes. You are the universe; the constellation of stars that guide my heart. I am the intrepid traveler enamoured with the endlessness of your grace. No man could ever love you as much as I do. I have pined for you for so long, and yet my hunger for you has not wearied with time. With each passing embrace my hands have grown more adept at holding you, and our souls have become intertwined.

Your body has always been a curvaceous landscape that I have longed to explore. I crave your sensuality now more than I ever have before. But where my hands once trembled with excitement as I fumbled and fondled, I have learned how to kiss and tease, until exhilaration causes your skin to prickle and turn to goose bumps. I have learned how to place my hands upon your hips, and to interlock my fingers with yours as I hold them above your head. I have studied the faintness with which your breath catches in your throat as euphoria floods through you in waves.

I want to hold you, and make love to you. I want to feel your breath against my skin as you press your lips against my neck and whisper my name. I want to uncover your innermost thoughts, and take away all of your pains.  I long to feel my fingertips trace faint lines against your hips.  Let me confide in you; let me jettison all of my insecurity and fear into the cosmos until there is nothing left but you and I. Let me feel your heart beat as you writhe beneath my sheets. I want to fulfil your desires and become your reason to breathe.

In my reality you are beautiful, and you are perfect. I am a man awestruck my philocaly. You are the woman that I desire: the one who I have chosen to give my heart, and my body to for all of eternity. Do with them as you please.


Author: Chris Nicholas

Chris Nicholas is an author from Brisbane, Australia. He has published two novels, and is currently working on his third.

34 thoughts on “Philocaly”

  1. We all have our separate versions of what reality is, but sometimes, others would tell you that your reality doesn’t fit with the rest of the world’s expectations, and this is when dissonance occurs, but if you have a strong sense of who you are, then, you wouldn’t be affected at all, by other’s opinions of you, and sometimes, it’s hard, to keep all the noises out…

  2. Oh, I once felt this longing with my man. Sadly, sometimes, things are not what they seem. But at least I’ve been loved by someone I love. I definitely love this post!

  3. Chris, once again you amaze me with the exquisite depth of your writing. Every time i read a piece of yours like this one i feel honoured to have that access to what i percieve to be nothing short of a rare brilliant and precious mind, so thankyou

  4. Wow. I feel like I snuck into a stranger’s room and read an incredibly well-written love letter. Thank you for sharing this tender moment with all of us.

  5. Great edifice in writing, great imaginary fantasy and at this height, eternity must be in divinity to the Almighty. For in Him, we, we move and we have our Being.

  6. I am both, rendered wordless and also, am struggling to formulate a coherent, logical string of words to say, somehow, it is my wish, that every woman, could read these words, your words, just once, and feel, or better yet, know, they were written for her…

  7. Hi Chris thank you for liking my post. I read one of your post you are a very deep person most writers are. Writer feel and they go places in their emotions that most people never go. We think, we feel, our thoughts transport to different places in time. We live many lives in one lifetime. We travel many roads some crowded, some long and lonesome. We travel to many to many galaxies and discover new worlds, while lying in our beds beside the one we love or the one we decide to spend a night with.We travel to the button of the ocean and glide through waters with ease discovering new life giving birth to new orders, crossing oceans of time.

  8. This is truly a brilliant post. Wise words that a lot could benefit from reading. I often find myself forcibly soaking up any source of inspiration in sight, rushing and craving perfection. And I don’t just mean in terms of the writing process. A lot of people like myself so hard on themselves for such reasons. Your post encourages to not be rash and pace yourself for better result. This is what I took from it anyway and it was damn great to take in. Thanks and all the best!

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