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I rest my hand against your chest and feel it swell with a sharp intake of breath. Your skin is warm against my palm as I map the contours of your flesh. I marvel at the symmetry of your breasts; tracing my fingers around their curves and feel your heart beat against them. I breathe in your scent and watch you exhale as your lips break into a smile and your toes curl beneath the sheets. Your allure is intoxicating; I am inebriated by your scent. My hands tremble whenever you leave me. My soul feels bare when you are gone.

I move towards you and hold my lips an inch from yours. I want to stare into your eyes and peer into your soul. I want to understand the divinity that lies beneath the exquisiteness of your skin. Your eyes flicker across my features; your chest rises and falls with every breath. We are two lovers in the throes of passion who have become lost in each other’s eyes.

But there is more to my love than a mere carnal hunger. My yearning is far too intense to culminate in a fleeting moment of physical release. You are ingrained into my soul; as much a part of me as the hands that caress you. You are my reason to breathe. The reason to rise after I fall. To have and to hold you; to kiss you, is more than this lost soul ever deserved.

I stare into your eyes and pray for redamancy. A love returned in full. I long to know that I have captured your heart just as surely as you have captured mine.

I press my lips against yours and feel our souls collide. I pine for you. My heart skips a beat when I hear you breathe my name. I am man lost for words. How can I ever show you that you complete me? How can I ever repay you for capturing my heart and setting my soul free?

You are the exquisite landscape that I long to explore; the only woman I have ever wanted laying beneath my sheets. Our fingers interlock and you close your eyes and sigh. I kiss your neck, hold your hands above your head and feel your weight press against my hips. Let me be the man of your dreams; let me fulfil your wildest desires. I could die knowing that I had lost myself within you, never to be found again. I could spend a lifetime worshiping your flesh or studying the intricacies of your heart and mind; and when the angels come to claim my soul they would see that had never truly been mine.

I watch you sleep beside me and feel your warmth as my lips press against your spine and kiss the dimples of the slender muscles in your shoulders. You murmur and mumble, stirring lethargically as you dream. The tranquilness of slumber has never looked so divine. The peacefulness of fantasies has never been so alluring.

The act of of loving one who loves you in return. Of lying awake at night to protect you while you dream. It’s a romance that reaches beyond our physical chemistry and plucks at the mystic chords of my heart. I am a man intoxicated by your beauty and at a loss for words. I will never be able to articulate my love for you. There are no words sweet enough to capture the elegance and sophistication of your splendour. But in my romance induced drunkenness I can promise you my heart. I can give my life to you and pray for redamancy. I can hold my breath as I watch you sleep and dream of the day that I become ingrained into your soul, just as you have become ingrained into mine.

56 thoughts on “Redamancy

  1. Suzy Barker says:

    Beautiful ..

    1. erhynireh says:

      Beautifully penned! I can read this over and over again but I would still feel exactly the same as I have read it the first time. Awesome!

  2. Such an intense passions that’s here, just be sure, that there’s also the connection on the emotional front, otherwise, it’s not going to last…

  3. Lucky Lucy says:

    Oh. My. God. Your writing sweeps me away; intense, connected, intimate, inescapable.

  4. trE says:

    This is the ultimate love tribute.

  5. rohinikunnathu says:

    Emotionally and wholly connected love…very rare to find now a days….Intoxicating!


  6. memopip says:

    I loved reading this Chris. Sometimes as a writer I struggle with the male perspective. This is pure gold. Well done.

  7. chervanka says:

    Getting goosebumps.

  8. Lucky Lucy says:

    Why aren’t you writing erotica fiction??

    1. Hi Lucy. To be honest I have never really considered writing more erotica fiction. I have a romance manuscript that I toil with from time to time but have never really felt that erotica is a strength of mine.

      1. Lucky Lucy says:

        Chris, I think you need to revisit that thought. You have a gift man, and it’s hot.

      2. Kris says:

        There is a lot of crap out there, yours? Yours is beautiful!

  9. Miriam says:

    Exquisite and heartfelt, bordering on erotica but with an emotional depth that sears into the soul. Loved it, Chris.

  10. offthetar says:

    This is really beautiful!

  11. Mona Dee says:

    Simply breathtaking!

  12. SyedaFR says:

    Amazing! How sensuously written!

  13. Thank you for another mesmerizing fantasy

  14. RN Dreams says:

    Wow! I can reiterate all the comments before as I agree with them, however, I won’t. In your writing you ask, “How can I ever show you that you complete me? How can I ever repay you for capturing my heart and setting my soul free?” All I can say is, you just did. This was beautiful.

  15. vickgoodwin says:

    That was so beautiful.

  16. I really enjoyed this. I understand feeling such love. And, the chemistry between 2 people is AMAZING!!

  17. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Your significant other is extremely lucky! 😊

    1. Adaku says:

      I agree!

  18. mlstover says:

    Wow. I need to run home to my hubby now.

  19. Beautiful! Great writing! Visually descriptive, artfully worded, emotionally & physically arousing as well as mentally stimulating…affecting all the senses…

  20. Romance is back! Enjoyed the weight of words.

  21. This is a stunning piece of writing!!

  22. You are a good writer but I think you already know this. This piece felt to me like it came from a genuine place but tbh the flow felt wrong. But I’m interested in seeing what you write next

  23. I have no criticisms to offer. I just really enjoyed the intimacy that you fostered in this passage and I wish I had read romance literature like this when I was younger because that would have saved a whole lot of confusion about my relationships back then :/

  24. Ann Stanley says:

    Beautiful. Light and lovely, yet deep. I would not call this erotic, though, as it’s more about love than sex. It feels like poetry about the soul’s connection, and about the sweetness and the beauty of loving another person.

  25. Abbie Rose says:

    Your writing is beautiful.

  26. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you!

  27. This is absolutely beautiful…it had me captivated

  28. Korrablogger says:

    This is made beautifully, you are a amazing writer!!!

  29. gonmrm says:

    Incredible! You are a seriously amazing writer. You have a great talent, I sincerely hope you keep on doing this nice job.

    Best wishes,
    Gonçalo from

  30. I wish I could meet the guy who knows what writing is all about. I feel like this author has a good bead on who that might be.

  31. You are intense, passionate, highly sensitive and a perfectionist. You are a soul person. You are a heart person. Your words flow through your fingers and onto the page with such fluidity, that I doubt even you know what your soul will write next-You are an artist of spectacular proportions. I love the way your mind works. Persevere, and you’ll win.

  32. Loved it. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Thank you for liking my post.

  34. A woman a writer loves like this is rendered immortal. Beautiful.

  35. Enviroart says:

    WOw ! Beautiful writing ! Thank you for that! THanks for stopping by and liking my blog- Best o you

  36. Just beautiful. Ahhh… Amazing.

  37. Anne Brana says:

    Absolutely stunning… I loved it. You should definitely write more like this… ❤

  38. gchan7127 says:

    You’re such a great writer!

  39. mubeenazam says:

    Hugely intense, completely engaging from start to finish, I have read this several times and each time I realise a new depth within the message, fantastic.

  40. Angel Nicole says:

    This is beautiful… Like, I wish a guy would think of me like this one day ❤️ #goals

  41. jem says:

    this is breathtaking – the way you write leaves me speechless

  42. To get lost in a piece of writing the way I just got lost in this is truly something beautiful. Thank you

  43. “You” was my favourite. Now it’s this one! Redamancy: Love that word. Thanks Chris, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece!

  44. enagriffin says:

    To find a love like this is priceless. Beautifully written.

  45. Wow! You have me rushing toward the fridge for a glass of icy water.

  46. This is beautiful. I feel the love in every written word. Kudos!

    Now, where is my prince? Haha

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