Q&A: Chris Nicholas

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with fellow writer Ivana Topic of the wonderful weblog Love Ivana for a Q&A session. It was a lot of fun answering her questions and an incredible honour to be featured on her site.

I love being a part of interviews such as this and feel touched to read her kind words. There is nothing more humbling to a writer than to know that your thoughts have resonated with a reader.

You can read our conversation in full below

love, Ivana

photoYou read someone’s blog or listen to their music and you think you know their story. A million things make up who we are, a million little things. How can we possibly know everything?

There is one writer, of many, that I really admire. His writing has made a unique impact on me and he has shared many, many great lessons. He has shared his successes, his failures, his disappointments, and his heartbreaks.

Chris Nicholas is an author from Brisbane, Australia and is the writer behind his blog, “The Renegade Press” and a debut novel “Midas”. I was very lucky to get to ask him a few questions and explore his story a little bit more.

  1. Who inspires you and why?

As an author making his way into the literary industry I am often asked who inspires me, yet I have always struggled to verbalize an appropriate response.

I am…

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Author: Chris Nicholas

Chris Nicholas is an author from Brisbane, Australia. He has published two novels, and is currently working on his third.

8 thoughts on “Q&A: Chris Nicholas”

  1. What a fun interview, I enjoyed your shared thoughts, “life is about context and perspectives”, Can you tell me more about that?

  2. Hi Chris! Thank you for stumbling upon my blog post “On the Other Side”. Because of that, I was able to see your great spilled words and writing. This was such a wonderful interview. Ivana asked some thought-provoking questions and I absolutely loved reading your responses. I, too, am more inspired by stories rather than individuals and agree with the positive spin of things. Really wise words. Keep it up 🙂

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