If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die. That’s what they told you from the very start. If an author pines for you, you’ll be immortalized in their words. Your eloquence will be captured in their prose as they strum at the chords of your heart and kiss the innermost chambers of your naked soul. So let me take off your clothes and take you in my arms.

Let me enfold you. Let me take your heart in my hands and feel it beat my name. Let me be the air that fills your aching lungs and swells within your chest. I’ll breathe life into your soul and be the man who basks in a beauty far greater than his own. Throw your bones against mine and feel the solidarity of my embrace. Let my kiss your skin, stroke your hair and settle your racing mind.

You are poetry in motion; a landscape of flesh so exquisite that to lay my trembling hands upon you causes my heart to skip a beat. I am nothing more than a foolhardy wanderer determined to claim you as his own. You are the fluidity and grace that course through my life as surely as blood passes through my veins. So let me enfold you. Let me take away your pain.

Feel my hands on your hips, my fingers tracing the contours of your curves. I’ll kiss your dimples and run my fingers through your hair. Feel my lips on your neck as I whisper my hopes, dreams and desires against your skin. No words could ever describe the beauty of your cheeks as they burst to life with a rush of blood to the head. I want you to lose yourself in my eyes. I want to be your reason to breathe.

Let me feel you writhe beneath my sheets as I take your breast in the palm of my hand or interlock your fingers with mine. Let me devour and defile you as I pin your hands above your head and leave teeth marks against your skin.

You are divinity incarnate: a woman of heavenly beauty. Angelic in poise and grace. So let me encompass you in my arms and show you what I have yearned for. Let me worship the ground beneath your feet.

Embrace my warmth as I set your world on fire. Watch the flames of my passion rise and fall with every kiss and every touch. Feel the euphoria wash across your skin and cause your hairs to stand on end as my hands grace your delicate surface. I’ll tease your goose bumps and watch them prickle beneath my fingertips.

Let me peel back the layers of your soul and quell your innermost fears. I long to make love to your flesh. But it’s your mind that I crave the most.

So open your heart and take me inside. Tell me your innermost insecurities and fears. Let me take away your pain and carve my name into the chambers of your soul. Let my love enfold you as I capture your magnificence in my prose. You are poetry in motion; the apple of a writer’s eye. So throw your bones against mine until we become one. Let me take your heart in my hands, let me feel it beat my name.

Author: Chris Nicholas

Chris Nicholas is an author from Brisbane, Australia. He has published two novels, and is currently working on his third.

190 thoughts on “You”

  1. Oh, to be young again! Thanks for the remembrances… and fantastic poetical write. A couple of “mistakes” you may want to correct. “cheeks as the[y] burst to life with…” ; “as I take your breast in my palm of my hand or…” Suggest: you could replace “my palm” with “the palm” but I would simply do away with “of my hand” altogether – sharpens the image.

  2. I wanted to comment, but am at a loss for words. It makes my heart ache. To be loved like this… and not just to be the one doing all the loving…

  3. SIMPLY AMAZING! Chris Nicholas, you’re now my favourite romantic writer because of this piece “YOU” which I find very eloquent and evocative! I came back and read this 3 different times and, with each reading, I’ve felt chills in my spine. Your words have power! As a lover of Lord Byron’s “She Walks In Beauty” which I publicly admit to being my only favourite (romantic) poem, this piece is now my top fave. Thanks for the great read!

  4. Chris, your writing is quite simply amazing. As a writer who has just turned seventy I am amazed at how similar some of us are in terms of the upside down world we live in. I am so appreciative of your ability to live your dream. Don’t ever give it up!

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  6. I definitely think you are on the right path and everyone has their own way so all i can say is what came out for me reading about your symptoms, i don’t know if you are aware that a great deal of our physical problems have to do with the mind, and actually everything begins and ends with the mind, do you know that? I am sure you know it but as you become more aware ,it would be good to practice a mind body discipline, yoga , tai Chi, and i would recommend watching what you eat and how you live, and perhaps change climate for a week and see what happens?
    Good luck and thank you so much for liking my poems, keep writing, and i am sure your life will turn out better than before if only for the possibility to express your emotions .

  7. This is exquisite writing. I feel as though you looked into my soul and translated perfectly into words what it feels like to love and want to delve into another person. Perfection.

  8. Such an amazing article! As soon as I started reading it, I can’t stop until I’m done with the last words. This is a piece that moved me. Keep it up! I’m glad I followed your blog.

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